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The success of any financial market hinges on the strength of its technical, legal and regulatory foundation and the commitment of its participants. The Eastern Caribbean Securities Regulatory Commission (Securities Commission) regulates trading on the ECSE and protects the interest of the investor and the market.

The rules and regulations established by the Securities Commission for market operations are in accordance with internationally accepted guidelines.

Potential investors can access the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange through market intermediaries, firms licensed under the Securities Act to trade financial products on behalf of the investor. Intermediaries include broker-dealers, limited service brokers, financial advisers and custodians. All except financial advisors must be licensed as firms. The financial adviser may be an individual.

Trades executed on the Exchange will be processed at the Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Depository (ECCSD). The services offered at the ECCSD include transactions from trade date to settlement, and creation and management of settlement instructions for money and securities. In addition, custody services will be provided to those entities that wish to hold securities at the Depository for safekeeping on behalf of customers.

The ECCSD responsibilities also includes:

  • facilitating share transfers
  • recording the issuance of shares
  • maintaining the records of the owners of securities on behalf of issuers
  • processing of corporate actions
  • issuing proxy announcements/voting on corporate issues
  • mailing shareholders’ reports/notices
  • providing annual shareholder meeting support

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