3.35 ($0.00)
6.75 ($-4.03)
3.50 ($0.00)
4.00 ($0.00)
4.49 ($0.00)
8.88 ($0.00)
12.00 ($0.00)
5.40 ($0.00)
45.00 ($0.00)
3.00 ($0.00)
20.00 ($0.00)
2.00 ($0.00)
1.30 ($0.00)

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the ECSE is responsible for the strategic guidance of the Company, and is focused on both protecting the interests of all stakeholders and optimizing shareholder value.

The Board of Directors consists of eight members, seven non-executive directors elected by shareholders in accordance with Article 81 of the Articles of Association of the ECSE, and the Managing Director. The Directors include regional business leaders and professionals, who bring considerable expertise and experience to the decision-making processes. The Board of Directors typically meets on a bi-monthly basis and regularly reviews the Group’s financial and operational performance.

In accordance with the Articles, all of the non-executive Directors retire at each Annual General Meeting of the company. Directors are eligible for nomination by their respective classes for re-election to the Board.

Mr Timothy NJ Antoine Governor,
Eastern Caribbean Central Bank
Mr D Michael Morton, CBE Director,
TDC Group of Companies
Mr Trevor E Blake
Managing Director, ECSE Group
Mr Matthew Mathurin Director,
National Insurance Corporation, Saint Lucia
Mr Peter Blanchard, GCM Managing Director,
General Insurance Company Ltd
Mrs Janice Jean-Jacques Thomas Director/CEO,
Dominica Social Security
Mrs Jennifer Nero Business Consultant
Dexter Ducreay
Mr Dexter Ducreay General Manager, A.C Shillingford & Company Ltd


Committees of the Board are established, in accordance with Article 80 of the ECSE’s Articles, to enhance the Board’s effectiveness in the proper governance of the Group and its operations.  

Audit and Risk Committee
  • Mrs Jennifer Nero – (Chairperson)
  • Mr Matthew L Mathurin
  • Mr Dexter Ducreay
Budget and Finance Committee
  • Mr D Michael Morton, CBE – (Chairperson)
  • Mr Peter Blanchard, GCM
  • Mrs Janice Jean-Jacques Thomas
  • Mr Trevor E Blake
Human Resources Committee
  • Mrs Janice Jean-Jacques Thomas – (Chairperson)
  • Mr D Michael Morton, CBE
  • Mr Dexter Ducreay
  • Mr Trevor E Blake
Disciplinary Committee
  • Mr Peter Blanchard, GCM – (Chairperson)
  • Mr Matthew L Mathurin
  • Mrs Jennifer Nero

Company Secretary

  • Ms Raémona A. Fredrick

The Company Secretary facilitates the functioning of the Committees.

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