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ECSE-PBC Governance CPD Webinar Series

The ECSE, as a part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, is continuing to demonstrate its commitment to good governance, and has teamed up with Perfect Balance Consulting to launch a program of monthly webinars, the ECSE-PBC Governance CPD Webinar Series.  The webinars will be delivered by experienced and influential global practitioners on current governance topics that are specifically designed to support your professional development.  Each webinar will be reviewed for quality and accredited by the Chartered Governance Institute of Canada for CPD purposes.

Lasting between 60-90 minutes, these webinars also allow for your continuing education to take place in an easy and convenient manner and at minimal cost. There will also be an opportunity to connect with our webinar tutors for continuing guidance and support after each session. Our webinars are designed to give a governance overview that applies to professionals across a range of disciplines, ranging from directors, CEOs, compliance, risk, financial and operating officers, in fact any executive or management function that works with the Board or governance function.

In developing this Program, ECSE has committed itself to being at the forefront of the development of governance in the Caribbean.  When organizations are effectively managed through strong, ethical and thoughtful governance, everyone wins.

Our fourth webinar in this exciting initiative will be titled Collective efficacy: Towards high board performance and delivered on Wednesday 8th December at 12 PM (UTC -4). Click here for more information:

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