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ECSE-PBC Governance CPD Webinar Series

Stakeholder Capitalism: Creating Long-Term Social Value and Profits – What the Evidence Shows

Summary/Purpose: to show why “stakeholder capitalism or shareholder capitalism” is a false dichotomy, and that rigorous academic supports responsible businesses who want to create long term value and increase their profitability. To examine the shifts driving stakeholder capitalism and why this is leading to the integration of corporate governance and corporate responsibility. [Looking at common misperceptions about building trust and some surprising discoveries.

Content: the importance of evidence when making investment decisions, and a highly practical framework that boards can use when facing investment trade-offs. Looking at four global transformations that are the foundation of stakeholder capitalism, and what this means for corporate governance in the future. [Examining the four traits of trust and how they are often misunderstood.]

Benefits: to understand what the evidence shows on how boards can create value and improve profitability. Show how boards can adopt a practical evidence-driven framework when making investment decisions that doesn’t involve multiple spreadsheets. Understand the key drivers for stakeholder capitalism and what this means for corporate governance. [Understand how trust really works, and why this can be counter intuitive.]

Who should attend: Board chairs, company directors, company secretaries, and chief executives. Registration: The webinar will be delivered on January 19, 2022 at 12PM UTC-4. To register click here.

Your Facilitator:

Facilitator: Stephen Page

Stephen, who is based in London, is a Chartered Governance Professional and has been a Fellow of the UK Chartered Governance Institute for over 25 years. During this time, he has acted as director, group corporate secretary, head of legal, and independent corporate advisor for many UK and non-UK public and private companies, including multinational groups, professional service firms and private capital concerns. Most recently he was Nasdaq’s international head of centre of corporate governance.

Stephen established his own successful corporate compliance services business in the early 2000s, which was eventually acquired by an overseas bank. In recent years, Stephen has spoken on many governance topics at a number of international conferences.

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