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Eastern Caribbean Central Securities Registry (ECCSR)


The ECCSR is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ECSE. Its primary function is to maintain records of securities (stocks and bonds) on behalf of issuers in a dematerialised environment. In this environment all shareholders' records are electronically maintained. The services of the ECCSR are available to listed public companies on the ECSE, non-listed public companies, government related entities, private companies and individual security holders in the region.

All companies listed on the ECSE are members of the Registry.

What will the ECCSR do for the investor?

So once you buy or sell shares, the ECCSR will keep record of these transactions. The buyer of these shares will receive a statement from the ECCSR. On the ECCSR statement, the buyer will receive their Investor ID and Account Number.

The ECCSR is now the main record holder for these listed companies' shares. As a result of this, each shareholder is given a unique Investor ID and an Account Number. The Investor ID is a nine-digit number followed by capital KN (e.g. 000157511KN). The account number is numeric.

Any investor who wishes to sell their shares must provide their Broker Dealer with those two numbers, as it is critical to trading. The ECCSR has mailed official holdings statement to all shareholders of listed companies. Periodically the ECCSR will send all shareholders of listed companies an activity statement apprising them of their holdings. The statement will show the activity that took place in your account for all the shares that you own. If there are any discrepancies, you could contact the ECCSR.

Also if you have changed your address, changed names or want to make a transfer (donation/gift), you need to complete one of the forms (click here to view) listed in this section. Please send these forms to the attention of the ECCSR.

The ECCSR is a subsidiary of the ECSE and is regulated by the ECSRC.